About Us

Hograph has been active since 1997 in three different independent workshops in the production of large format digital prints, flat typographic format, printing
on objects, inscriptions, signs, engravings and stickers.
Large format digital prints, Badges, Signs, Inscriptions, Engravings, Stamps, Clothing Prints, Advertising Gifts, Business Cards, Brochures , are just some of the products we provide. 
We have modern equipment, wide range of work, high quality products and services, flexibility in cost and quantity.

We provide you with details:

    Forms design and production services Forms help every business both organizationally and advertising level to better promote its products and services. At hograph we undertake the design as well as the printing of forms   with modern production machines. Our goal is to create for you brochures, flyers, brochures, and other types of publications such as letterheads , prescriptions, notebooks, invitations, wedding and christening invitations, business cards, placards, postcards, posters  that will impress and catch the attention of your prospective customer.


    Digital printing is an economical way of advertising. They convey your messages smartly and simply and promote your products. Hograph specializes in   mass production and limited edition printing solutions, in Piraeus , Athens and many  areas of Greece, in a variety of materials such as tarpaulin (pvc), pvc adhesive , perforated adhesive ( one way vision ), perforated tarpaulin (mesh), paper ( poster paper ), canvas. We design and edit  digital prints  on a sticker for inscriptions ,coverage of company vehicles , decoration of spaces,  wallpapers,  door and furniture stickers, window decoration , glass cover with one way vision of interior and exterior spaces, prints for exhibition stands, advertising stands. Large format digital printing on canvas, advertising banners, banners for transmitting messages, product presentation, rentals or sales of buildings. Digital poster printing for information, promotion of service products and events. We study your needs together and offer complete solutions to cover every possible application


    In Piraeus , since 1997 hograph specializes in screen printing  and tampon   printing on   business gifts,  presentation products, corporate and promotional gifts . The cooperation with large manufacturing companies in the field of
    business gifts gave it the advantage of being able to offer a wide range of promotion items with the printing of your brand . Some of the products we print are lighters, pens, pencils,  paper folders, paper bags,  leather folders , indexes, catalogs, diploma cases, booklets, print stands, card  holders, license plate holders, watches  and other items for your perfect and effective display. All you have to do is choose the items that will serve your business needs  


    At hograph we can meet all your needs in printing on clothing whether for advertising purposes or for personal individual choices We print on blouses , summer t-shirts, polo,  winter sweatshirts , cardigans, work clothes, sports appearances, overalls, hats  and more clothing items. Mug prints, keychain prints, car hood prints 


    Cad vinyl  stickers  are  the most economical way to promote your business.  Stickers for any application in a variety of colors and in any dimension you wish. Ideal for application in signs, space decoration, glass decoration, marking of vehicles and boats. We have special types of stickers such as reflectorsphotoluminescentsandblasting, blackboard, blackboard and more. Finally at hograph we have selected for you a wide range of designs and graphics in  showcase stickers for the period of discountsto impress and attract your customers


    The hograph based in Piraeus has been active since 1997 in the creation and manufacture of billboard signs. Classic & modern inscriptions from high quality materials, complex or simple, with hundreds of variations. Single and double sided illuminated signs  with pressed acrylics or straight with aluminum profiles and electrostatic painting in a variety of designs and sizes, illuminated illuminated signs with fluoride or LED .3d designs are some of the constructions we undertake


    We manufacture Signs of all types and applications, whether they are office , building, information, directional, hazardous, informational, construction site signs , labor protection , project signs , construction announcement and display signs, regulatory signs , signboards , car, motorcycle, trailer, and school license plate


    We make plates from ABS, acrylic, aluminum, bronze 
    with engraving
    that remain unchanged over time.
    Commemorative plaques with wooden base
    prizes, medals, anodised, plexiglas letters & flatcut elements.


    At hograph we have a wide variety of projection and presentation systems to choose from according to your needs. Anodized aluminum constructions such as floor advertising stands, snap frames poster clamp (wall and ceiling suspension system), portable print standsrollup banner , xbanner and other items from high quality materials, easy to install and transport, light weight , durable, delivered to you ready to use (assembled and printed) Visual communication systemsare an excellent solution for promoting (messages) services and products giving you a strong lead over the competition. 


    signs, advertising and decorative constructions with high quality materials and European standards. At hograph you can find spacers in a variety of materials and prices depending on your needs . Some of the items we have are stainless steel spacers in various sizes, aluminum spacers , bronze with chrome, silver or gold paint as well as acrylic spacers . In our range of materials you will also find support and suspension systems on the wall or from the ceiling .  and banner holding accessories as well as other PRODUCTS for each INDIVIDUAL USE . 


    Whatever type of stamp you want, hograph undertakes its construction, immediately and economically. We manufacture high definition stamps  with the ability to add a logo, monogram, signature sample, etc. Our mechanisms are of high quality from the best manufacturers , trodat, colop and traxx in the production of self- inking stamp and our  wooden stamps are made of fur and fur in various sizes and shapes. We also have a wide range of date , number ,   pocket stampsengineer stamp, stamp pens   and all their consumables in inks, tampons and spare parts. Our deliveries are made the same day from our store in Piraeus or within 24 hours in nationwide coverage with the minimum shipping cost Daily and express and manufacture  of all types of stamp. 

We provide solutions for every application